Integration Description Template

Integration title

For most integrations, the name of the partner is the title, such as "Zapier." If the integration is more specific than that, the title should reflect that, as with "MailSync + eCommerce360."


A brief explanation of what the integration does and/or how it can help MailChimp customers.


Provides a bit more detail than the summary/tagline.

Body text

Full explanation of what the integration does. Usually includes relevant links to the partner's website. Often uses bulleted lists to present features in an easily readable format.


Optional and depends on the integration.

Embedded video

Partners often embed a YouTube or other demo video.

Get started

Either a link or brief list of steps showing how to set up the integration.

Additional information and help

Contains additional related links to videos, articles, or MailChimp resources.


The integration partner's contact info for customer support.